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Join our free Python Development course to kickstart your coding journey. Learn essential concepts like variables, data types, control statements, loops, and functions through hands-on exercises and real-world applications. Whether you're a beginner or want to boost your skills, our comprehensive Python course lays a strong foundation for web development and beyond. Enroll now to take your first step towards mastering Python!

  • Python Programming Skills
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Network Programming
  • Databases and SQL

About the Course

Our program is your pathway to success. Designed to provide the knowledge and skills you need to excel in your chosen field, our program offers comprehensive training, hands-on experience, and the opportunity to network with experts in the industry. Whether you're a beginner or looking to advance your career, our program is the key to achieving your goals.

What You'll Learn

  • Basic Python Syntax
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Exception Handling
  • File Handling
  • Functional Programming
  • Data Science and Machine Learning

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To obtain your course certificate, please complete all modules, quizzes, and assignments with a minimum passing grade of 70%. Ensure active participation in discussion forums. Once requirements are met, you can download the certificate from the course platform. The certificate will reflect your proficiency in the subject matter and serve as official recognition of your accomplishment. Congratulations on your dedication to learning!


  • NSDC Certified
  • NASSCOM Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Guaranteed Paid Internship

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This curriculum provides a structured learning path for beginners to gradually build their Python programming skills, from the basics to practical application and project development.

Module 1Introduction to Python
Python Fundamental - I
Programming Processes 2
Python Fundamentals - III
Running your First Java Program
Introduction to Python - Download
Module 2Recruitment Strategies
Sourcing and Screening
Effective sourcing techniques
Resume screening best practices
Interviewing Skills
Conducting technical interviews
Behavioral interviewing techniques
Module 3HTML 5 & CSS 3
Text formatting Tags
HTML Structures - List, Tables
HTML Forms
Fieldset and Legend Tag
HTML5 elements
Audio,Video tags
Types of CSS
CSS Selectors
CSS Properties
CSS Advanced Properties
CSS3 Properties
Transition Properties
Keyframe Animation
Responsive Layout
Media Queries
Module 4Python – MySQL
Date and Time Modules
Date Time Arithmetic
Date Time Comparison
Python MySQL
Module 5Pandas library – Introduction
sql database connection
Insertion, Deletion operations on a Table
Pandas library - Series Data Structure
Pandas library MySQL - Introduction
Module 6Pandas library – Data Structures
Pandas Series
Pandas Dictionary
Pandas Retrieving Elements from Series
Pandas - Accessing Series
Pandas library - Data Structures
Module 7Numpy library – Introduction
Numpy library - Shape and Reshape Functions
Numpy - Dtype, Array Attributes
Numpy library - Introduction
Module 8Numpy library – Array Manipulations, Mathematical Functions
Numpy Itemsize, Array
Numpy - Slicing and Indexing
Colon Operator, nditer Function
Numpy - Trigonometric Ratios, around functions
Numpy library Array Manipulations, Mathematical Functions
Module 9Matplotlib, Histogram Using Matplotlib | I/O with Numpy
Matplotlib - Introduction
Matplotlib - Plot Function, Pylab Interface
Matplotlib - Pylab Interface, Different colors and Symbols
Matplotlib, Multiple plots, Figure Window
Matplotlib , Histogram Using Matplotlib IO With Numpy
Module 10Matplotlib Library - Introduction, Pyplot API | Types of Plots
Matplotlib - multiplots
Matplotlib - add subplotfunction
Matplotlib - axes functions, figure functions
Matplotlib Library - Introduction, Pyplot API Types Of Plots
Module 11Seaborn Library
Seaborn library - Introduction
Seaborn - Histogramkde plots
Seborn - distplot, axes spines
Seaborn - jointplot
Seaborn Library
Module 12SKLearn Library
Introduction To Scikit-Learn
Scikit-Learn - Train-Test -Split Module
KNN Classifier - Example
Sklearn - Pre-processing Technique - Binarizer Technique
SKLearn Library
Module 13Python – Date and Time, Data Wrangling.
Data Wrangling - Merging
data wrangling ,groupby function
Aggregation Function, groupby function
Data Concatenation , Rolling Window
Python- Date and Time, Data Wrangling
Module 14Python – Data Cleansing
Data Cleansing - Handling Missing Data
isnull() function
Data Cleansing - fillna() function
Data Cleansing - dropna() function
Python - Data Cleansing
Module 15Python – Word Tokenization, Stemming and Lemmatization
NLP - Word Tokenization - Introduction
Word Tokenizer - Example
Sentence Tokenizer
Stemming and Lemmatization Techniques
Python - Word Tokenization , Stemming and Lammetization
Module 16Python – Data Visualization
Data visualization
Labelling x and y axis
Formatting line type and color
Save the file in pdf and annotations
Data Visualization
Module 17Python – Statistical Analysis
statistical analysis - introduction
Mode Calculation
Variance,Skewness 4
Statistical Analysis
Module 18Python – Types Of Distribution
normal distribution
binomial distribution
binomial distribution impl
bernoulli distribution,poisson distribution
Python Types Of Distribution
Module 19Python – Correlation, Chi-Square Test, Linear Regression
linear regression
Module 20Keras library – Introduction.
keras library introduction
keras library initialize
keras constraints
keras library regularizers
keras Library
Module 21Stock Price Prediction with Machine Learning LSTM RNN
Types of Cnn
cnn- working process rnn
stock market price prediction
stock price prediction with Machine Learning
Module 22People’s behavior in chat message using NLP
Topiac Modelling
Whatsapp Chat Analysis Impl
people's behavior in Chat message using NLP
Module 23Snake game in Python - Using Py game module
tkinter module
tkinter example
tkinter widgets
egg catcher game using python
snake game in python
Module 24ChatBot creation in Python NLP
Module 25Electricity Price Prediction Using ML Random Forest Regressor
Random Forest Regression
Random Forest Regression Impl
Electricity Price Prediction
Electricity Price Prediction Impl
Electricity Price Prediction Using ML Random Forest Regressor
Module 26Diamond Price Prediction Using Python Linear Regression
Python - Linear Regression
Simple linear Regression
Multiple Linear Regression
Diamond Price Prediction Impl
Diamond Price Prediction Using Python Linear Regression
Module 27Earthquake Prediction Model Neural networks
Python - KNN Algorithm - Introduction
KNN Algorithm - K-Value Selection
book recommendation system - implematation
Earthquake Prediction Model Neural networks
Module 28Colour Recognition with Machine Learning OpenCV
types of Cnn
Image Classification
Colour Recognition with Machine Learning OpenCV (1)
Module 29Titanic Survival Analysis Using ML Logistic Regression
logistic regression 1
types of logistic regression 2
titanic survival impl 3
Titanic Survival
Module 30Block-Chain in Python
introduction to blockchain
reasons to use blockchain,bitcoin
blockchain example 3

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