Java Full Stack Development Course

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Course Duration 7 Months
Assistance100% Placement Assistance
Course FeeLowest in the market
MentorIndustry Experts

About Program

Techeir's "Java Development" course covers Java essentials for beginners and experienced programmers, including variables, data types, operators, and control structures. It progresses to advanced topics like classes, objects, inheritance, and web development using Java Servlets, MySQL, JDBC, Hibernate, and Spring frameworks. Led by industry experts, the course includes interactive lectures, projects, and offers flexible schedules with weekend options. Emphasis on job placement enhances career prospects for graduates.

Course Highlights

Post-class review is key. Ensure understanding by revisiting and reinforcing concepts regularly.
Take monthly mock tests to gauge your progress and prep in our curriculum. Simulating real-world scenarios, these tests offer valuable insights.
Detailed notes and live demos in our classes make learning enjoyable and effective by simplifying complex concepts.
Our Placement Cell ensures your success beyond the classroom by offering 100% placement assistance for relevant job positions.

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Our Curriculum

Module 1Introduction to Java
Introduction to Java programming language
Basic syntax, data types, and variables
Control flow statements (if, else, switch)
Loops (for, while, do-while)
Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts
Classes and objects (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstraction)
Module 2JavaScript
Variables and Datatypes
Control Structure
Anonymous Function
Arrow Function
JavaScript Objects
Window - Screen,Location,History
Document object
DOM Property Manipulation
Module 3Bootstrap 5.2
Layout and Content
Bootstrap components
Bootstrap utilities
Bootstrap icons & Forms
Utilities & Form Grid
Gutters & Horizontal Form
Horizontal Form Label Sizing & Column Sizing
Auto-Sizing & Inline Forms
Module 4Angular
Basics of Typescript & Angular
Data Binding
Pipes & Custom Pipes
Component Communication
Services & RxJS
Backend API Call using HttpService
Integrating APIs with Angular frontend App
Advanced Routing
Forms - Template Driven Forms
Forms - Reactive Forms, Custom Validators
Angular Modules
Integration with Angular Material
Building and Deploying Angular Application
Module 5SQL
Database Management System
SQL Syntax
Data Manipulation Language
Data Query Language
Built in functions in SQL
Sub-Query & Joins
Stored Procedure and Function
Cursor & Triggers
Module 6MongoDB
What is NoSQL?
Difference between SQL and NoSQL
What is MongoDB?
Installing MongoDB on local machine
Data Types in MongoDB
Using MongoDB Shell
Perform CRUD Operations in MongoDB
Finding Documents
Using Projection
Various MongoDB operators
Aggregates in MongoDB Queries
Module 7Foundation
Computer Programming
Conditional Statement
Iterative Statement
Module 8Python Programming
Variables, Operators and Datatypes
Conditional Statement
Looping Controls
More on Data types
Function and Modules
File Handling and File Operations
Object oriented programing with Python
Error Solving in Python
Module 9Core Java
Variables, Data Types
Operators & Tokens
Control Structures & Looping
Object oriented programing with Java
Strings & Exception Handling
File Handling & IO
Wrapper Classes
Object Serialization
Collection Framework & Lambda Expressions
Filtering Collections
Multi-Threading & Thread Life Cycle
Java New Features
JavaTime API
Java Http Client API
Module 10Django Framework
Django Architecture
Django Request - Response Life Cycle
Django Project Structure
Django View
Django Template
Django Template Language
Static Website Configuration in Django
Linking Bootstrap & JavaScript
Linking Javascript
Django Model
Django Admin
Django Form
Django Authentication and Authorization
Session Management
Module 11Spring Boot
Sping Core Concepts
Sping MVC and Spring Boot
Creating & Running Spring Application
Creating REST APIs
Validating the Request
Database Integration & JPA Repository
Using Data REST, Pagination & Sorting
Relationships & Projections
Security - Registration & Login Flow
File Upload & Download
Create Frontend to Consume APIs
Module 12SDLC & Agile Methodology
Project Life Cycle
Use case creation
ER Diagrams
Activity Diagram
Agile way of thinking
Agile Manifesto and Principles
Various popular agile approaches
Module 13Scrum
Scrum Framework
The Sprint, User Stories, Epics, Tasks, Story Points, Backlogs
Scrum Roles
Sprint planning
Daily Scrum
Sprint review
Sprint retrospective
Module 14Jira
What is JIRA?
Creating project in JIRA
Creating User Stories & Sprints in JIRA
Filtering in JIRA
Kanban Board
Module 15Manual Testing
Types of Testing
Error, bug, defect and failure
Functional vs Non-fuctional testing
Test Cases Template
Bug tracking tool
Module 16JUnit Testing
The JUnit framework
How to define a test in JUnit?
JUnit naming conventions
Run your test from the command line
Module 17PyTest
PyTest Library
Basic pytest installation
Run your test Cases
Module 18AWS Cloud Practitioner
Cloud Concepts
Cloud Economics
AWS Global Infrastructure Overview
AWS Core Services - Compute, Storage, VPC, Database, Balancing, Scaling, Monitoring
Cloud Security
Cloud Architecting
Cloud Support

Admission Process

Secure admission to the Certification Course through a simple four-step process.


Evaluation and Selection

We carefully assess your application and qualifications, considering education, experience, and program goals. Admission status will be confirmed upon review.



Visit our program's website to apply, complete online application, provide name, contact info, and birthdate, education: List your highest degree, institution, and major/field, apply with relevant work experience to boost your chances, discuss your program interest, job aspirations, and course fit.



For administrative purposes, pay the application fee - INR 1,999. The webpage lists fees and payment methods. We reserve your position in the following course upon application submission, ensuring availability during review


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Thorough Curriculum

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Expert faculty

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Job-Oriented Approach

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Specialisations and Electives

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Program Fee

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What will you achieve?

  • Full Stack Developer or Web Developer
  • Software Engineer or DevOps Engineer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Lead
  • Cloud Developer or Mobile App Developer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • UI/UX Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer (Automation)
  • Educator/Trainer
  • Startups/Entrepreneurship

Frequently asked Questions

Is the course suitable for beginners in programming?

Yes, the course is designed to cater to both beginners and those with some programming experience. It covers foundational concepts and progresses to advanced topics.

What prerequisites are required for enrolling in Techeir's Java Full Stack Development Course?

Basic knowledge of programming concepts and familiarity with Java is beneficial. Our course is designed to accommodate beginners while providing challenges for those with prior experience.

How is the course structured, and what topics does it cover?

The course is structured to cover a comprehensive range of topics, including Java programming, front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), back-end frameworks (Spring Boot), database management, and more. Refer to the detailed curriculum for a complete overview.

Will I have hands-on experience during the course, and what kind of projects can I expect?

Yes, the course emphasizes hands-on learning through real-world projects. You'll work on projects that simulate industry scenarios, applying your skills to practical situations and building a strong portfolio.

What support is available for doubt resolution and assistance during the course?

Our instructors provide regular support through live sessions, discussion forums, and dedicated Q&A sessions to address any queries or challenges participants may encounter.

Is certification provided upon completion of the course?

Yes, participants will receive a certification upon successfully completing the Java Full Stack Development course from Techeir.

How is the course updated to keep up with industry trends?

Techeir is committed to keeping the course content current. Regular updates are made to reflect the latest industry trends and technological advancements in Java Full Stack Development.

Are there any job placement services offered after completing the course?

Techeir provides career support services, including resume reviews, interview preparation, and job placement assistance to help participants transition smoothly into the workforce.

Can the course be accessed remotely, and is there flexibility in the learning schedule?

Yes, the course is available online, providing flexibility for participants to learn at their own pace and schedule. Live sessions are also recorded for later review.