Professional Certificate Program in Business Analytics

  • Comprehensive Curriculum Designed for Working Professionals
  • 50+ Exercises and Assesment
  • 100+ Hours of Live Sessions
  • Dedicated Student Support 24/7
  • Industry-Relevant Tools and Technologies
  • 300+ Hours of Learning
  • Programme Completion Certificate (ISO & NASSCOM)
  • Regular Feedback and Assessment
  • 100% placement Assistance
Course Duration 5 Months
Assistance100% Placement Assistance
Course FeeLowest in the market
MentorIndustry Experts

About Program

Unlock a thriving career in data and analytics with our Business Analyst Course. Tailored for beginners and career changers, this program offers meticulous design for success. Flexible scheduling includes 1-hour weekday classes and 2.5-hour weekend sessions to suit diverse schedules.

Curriculum overview:

1) Business Analysis Fundamentals
2) Data Analysis and Visualization
3) Statistical Analysis
4) Business Process Modeling
5) Requirement Elicitation and Documentation
6) Business Analysis and Project Management
7) Quality Assurance and Testing
8) Stakeholder Management
9) Business Ethics and Compliance
10) Industry-Specific Case Studies

Why Our Program?

Our Business Analyst Program offers a comprehensive curriculum blending theory and hands-on experience, taught by industry experts. Covering key skills like data analysis and strategic planning, our program ensures real-world readiness through hands-on projects and mentorship. Focused on industry trends and tools, participants gain insights for success in business analysis. Join us for a competitive edge, transforming theoretical knowledge into practical expertise for a rewarding career journey.

Course Highlights

Post-class review is essential for solidifying your understanding. Ensure comprehension by revisiting and reinforcing the material after each session.
Assessing progress is vital for growth. Our monthly mock tests evaluate your preparation in our curriculum, simulating real-world scenarios to provide valuable field insights.
Thorough Class Materials & Live Demonstrations: Engaging learning is facilitated through comprehensive notes and real-world examples. Our classes employ detailed notes and live demos to simplify intricate concepts.
Our Placement Cell is dedicated to your success beyond the classroom. We provide 100% placement assistance to help you secure relevant positions and enter the workforce seamlessly.

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Meet your Educators & Mentors

Our Curriculum

Module 1Business Analytics Overview
An Overview of Business Analytic
Module 2 Excel Primers*
Essential Excel Functions, Formatting, and Conditional Formatting
Module 3Data Analysis
Data Analysis Using Pivot Tables
Module 4Analytical Functions in Excel
Functions in Excel for Business Analysis
Module 5Statistics for Data Analysis Course
Data Visualization in Depth
Power BI: The Sixth Lesson
Module 6SQL Fundamentals
SQL Querying, and Running Your First Queries
Module 7Introduction to Python
Python Fundamental - I
Programming Processes 2
Python Fundamentals - III
Running your First Java Program
Introduction to Python - Download
Module 8JavaScript
Variables and Datatypes
Control Structure
Anonymous Function
Arrow Function
JavaScript Objects
Window - Screen,Location,History
Document object
DOM Property Manipulation
Module 9Getting Started with Tableau
Getting Started with Tableau
Working with Tableau
Exploring Data and Connections
Developing Charts
Module 10Powerful New Tools in Tableau
Data mapping in Tableau
creating dashboards and stories
adding calculations to your workbook
Visualizations for an Audience
Module 11Preparing for the CBAP Exam
An Overview of the CBAP Certification
An Overview of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge
Elicitation and Collaboration
Requirements Management and Communication
Enterprise Analysis; Lesson
Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
Solution Evaluation
An Agile Perspective
A Business Intelligence Perspective
An IT Perspective

Admission Process

Secure admission to the Certification Course through a simple four-step process.


Evaluation and Selection

We carefully assess your application and qualifications, considering education, experience, and program goals. Admission status will be confirmed upon review.



Visit our program's website to apply, complete online application, provide name, contact info, and birthdate, education: List your highest degree, institution, and major/field, apply with relevant work experience to boost your chances, discuss your program interest, job aspirations, and course fit.



For administrative purposes, pay the application fee - INR 1,999. The webpage lists fees and payment methods. We reserve your position in the following course upon application submission, ensuring availability during review


Acceptance Letter

Check your mailbox or email for our acceptance letter. This letter includes important admission information, including any additional steps or payments.

Why Techeir?

At Techeir, we believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking the future. Our mission is to empower learners like you with the skills and expertise required to thrive in the dynamic world of technology.

Supportive Community

Supportive Community

Techeir connects students to a supportive community. Resources include mentoring, networking, and learning.

Thorough Curriculum

Thorough Curriculum

We plan our curriculum to give you a complete education. Mastering fundamental and advanced concepts will help you succeed.



We provide online and part-time courses for busy people. School and other obligations can be balanced with this flexibility.

Expert faculty

Expert faculty

Industry veterans and educators conduct our courses. Real-world industry specialists will teach you.

Practical Learning

Practical Learning

A hands-on approach. For employment preparation, our students work on real-world projects.

Job-Oriented Approach

Job-Oriented Approach

Our courses emphasize relevant skills and knowledge for today's competitive job market.

Specialisations and Electives

Specialisations and Electives

Tailor your courses to your interests and career goals. Customize your learning with this freedom.

Success Stories

The most hands-on, practical, and intensive coding-led courses to fulfill your ambitions.

Program Fee

Course Fee: Call Us Now!
Registration Fee: INR 0
Payment method: Monthly EMI option available at 0% interestApply NowUpcoming Application Deadline 29 Dec 2023Our Payment Partners:

What will you achieve?

  • Business Systems Analyst (IT) or Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Risk Analyst or Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Supply Chain, Healthcare or Retail Analyst

Frequently asked Questions



What prerequisites are required to enroll in the course?

While there are no strict prerequisites, a basic understanding of business concepts and familiarity with data analysis tools would be beneficial.

Can I access course materials after completion?

Yes, participants have lifetime access to course materials, allowing continuous learning and reference.

Is the course suitable for beginners with no prior business analysis experience?

Absolutely, the course is designed to cater to both beginners and those looking to enhance their existing skills.

How are the classes conducted?

Classes are conducted online through interactive sessions, ensuring engagement and participation.

Are there any assessments or projects during the course?

Yes, participants will engage in real-world projects and assessments to apply their learning in practical scenarios.

What support is provided for job placement after completing the course?

Techeir offers job placement assistance, including resume building, interview preparation, and connecting participants with industry opportunities.

What distinguishes Techeir's Business Analyst course from others in the market?

Our course emphasizes a practical, hands-on approach, combining the latest industry trends with personalized mentorship to ensure participants are well-prepared for real-world challenges.